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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. thanks for joining us for 4:59. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. the road is slick. let's check out the commute with mike inouye. >> good morning to you. as you might imagine, a lot of them waking up so an easy drive, lighter volume of traffic. here we have the golden gate bridge, traffic you can see moving but you see the slick conditions. that's what's going on after the drizzle and many spots around the bay area hanging out. we're looking at the san mateo bridge, sorry the bay bridge. also hanging out across the upper deck we have the wind. we're going to stick with this golden gate shot. speaking of beautiful, christina, you're here. the day not living up to your standards. >> my monday got a lot better. yours will be better if you give yourself plenty of time. we don't have major rain coming down, we've got those pesky
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showers, enough moisture to get your highways nice and slick. you can see we've got a pretty good looking cell to the east of san jose which brings us to bob redell live out there this morning in the elements. how slick is it out there? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see it's been on and off, raining about an hour ago, here we are they turned off the spigot. we're on 101, you see the interchange twof 80 and 680. i'm having rob push in so you can see the reflection from the headlights. the roads are wet. two things you want to keep in mind heading out, keep an eye out for the wet roads and the drivers who have forgotten to drive on wet roads, which is common around this time of year when we have rain showers. you do want to watch the distance, don't be tailgating and watch your speed. here i am talking we're starting to see the rain come down again. i have not seen it heavy
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downpours, classify it more as heavy drizzle. as you've been talking about we do have rain in the forecast, it's my understanding that tonight it could be drier as well as tomorrow before it picks up again. reporting live in the lovely showers here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> hang in there. we'll send out an umbrella. police looking for a litter of puppies stolen from their home in the bay view district. these puppies were taken from a house at cameron way and double rock street. the thieves beat the dog, called the homeowner and offered to sell the puppies back. the owner didn't have the money. if you have information about the theft call san francisco police. >> it is 5:02. san francisco leaders considering a crackdown on party buses. according to the "san francisco examiner" new regulations being discussed after spotting a gun in a bag. the driver called police and the
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man was arrested. city leaders are also concerned about noise, underage drinking and drunk driving once patrons exit the buses. >> a deputy on paid leave after shooting a suspect. deputies went to a home in south vallejo to serve a search warrant. when they arrived a man tried to run for it. he grabbed a deputy's gun. the man was shot but did manage to get away. he was later arrested at a nearby apartment complex. another man, the one the police were originally looking for, was also arrested. no deputies or officers were hurt. >> it is 5:03. police arrested two occupy protesters at an occupy oakland march on saturday after one of them allegedly kicked an officer. the march was mostly peaceful in contrast to the occupy oakland demonstration two weeks ago where protesters broke into buildings.
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saturday night police arrested a woman after she allegedly kicked an officer in the leg. the man was arrested for try to prevent her arrest. the two were part after group on frank ogawa plazo. >> it's all about the cleanup after protesters left a mess over the budget move. marla tellez is in our newsroom with a look at this ugly aftermath plus other overnight details. good morning. >> good morning. this weekend the parliament approve add new round of austerity measures and athens is paying for it in cleanup. the people are busy cleaning up the damage left by anti-austerity protesters. parts of the city are smoldering. rioters attacked buildings. more than 100 were hurt. the sign barely holding on. the new measures were demanded by creditors to save the nation from bankruptcy.
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in indonesia ten years after it happened a trial of the main suspect in the infamous bally bombings is under way. cameras flashed on the muslim militants suspected of the attack that killed 202 people. he is facing insurgency charges. though the bombings were in 2002 he was only arrested last year while apparently trying to meet osama bin laden. it's an historic day in washington state. washington's governor is expected to sign legislation legalizing same-sex marriages. the law will not take effect before early june. lawmakers approved the bill last week. opponents will work to repeal the law in november. >> 5:05. the bay area football community mourning the loss after local legend. bob mentor died at the age of
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87. he was a member of the school's athletic hall of fame. he coached the highlanders leading the team to four titles. a memorial will be held on the 25th at 11:00 a.m. >> the bay area's ronald mcdonald house asking for permission to expand. the nonprofit wants to add more rooms and parking to its facility to meet increasing demand. it will ask city leaders to green light the expansion plan at tonight's council meeting. the ronald mcdonald house works with the stanford hospital to provide comfort for families of children undergoing treatment for life threatening illness. >> a first hearing today, the land use and economics committee will hold a hearing about the impact of festivals especially on traffic, parking and noise around neighborhoods in the park. a recent study found the festivals also bring in money.
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outside lands brought in $60.6 million into the city's economy last year. >> pac-12 breaking ground on its network digs. some big names turning out to watch the first wall go up this morning. pac-12 commissioner larry scott and san francisco mayor ed lee will be on hand as well as a long list of major athletes. these studios, get this, will showcase 850 live pack 12 sporting events. that is a haul. fit to launch. >> good by, husband. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she joins us in the nbc weather center. how are we looking? >> it's not that cold out there. good morning to you. but we do have pesky showers out there and we've had those about
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all night long so your roadways on the slick side. in addition we've got some gusty winds through the east bay hills. this morning you can see waking up with mild conditions in the upper 40s and low 50s. the doppler radar shows that we have pesky showers here pushing on shore. overall a nice break north of the golden gate bridge. we had a nice batch of moisture through livermore and pretty sizable batch through san jose. that's where you'll find the wettest road conditions. we're going to continue to see light showers throughout the day. most of the action will be in the south bay. 7:00 p.m. we'll get a break, clearing skies up to the north bay and the fis will continue to clear from the south bay through probably 7 to 10:00 tonight. a cold morning tomorrow and temperatures all week long for the most part staying in the
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50s, two days we reach that 60-degree mark. i'll talk about that in my 7 day forecast. we also have your valentine's day forecast. we have a lot happening in the weather department. first your drive with mike. >> we're going to take you to the east bay. we have a couple of issues. this is 880 southbound right around stevenson boulevard in fremont. reports are the center lanes are blocked. a disabled tractor-trailer and accident. i don't know if it involves the tractor-trailer or not. those lanes will be visible and that may be why we're seeing slowing or they give us an updated location. that will be a slower drive. 680 smooth through the area in and out of the sunol grade. further north through oakland, no major issues as far as the flow. the cram shakes because of the
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windy conditions. keep that in mind this could be an issue with more folks there. back to the maps, highway 4 westbound your commute is not a problem. east bound we still have construction. i'll let you know if that sticks around. >> 5:10 now. caltrans will hold an open house on its plans to relieve congestion. the $93 million plan targets 80 from oakland to prukett. caltrans is considering several ideas including traffic information signs. the open house will be at the richmond memorial auditorium and convention center in richmond. >> tiger woods and phil mickelson battling it out. woods was having a great tournament, in the hunt in the final day of that event. the national pro am.
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on 12. tiger sinks the birdie but really that was about the only bright spot. he blew up a lot of bogeys, tied for 15th. mickelson the man came to play. he shot 8 under on sunday for one of the best final rounds in his career. >> a piece of san francisco history comes home today. how you can see it for free. >> and why plans to shut down the bay fwlij weekend may not be happening after all. >> for the latest news, trafficm atr, find us on facebook. ests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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it's monday morning. a little bouncy, 880 through oakland, the wind blowing. mike has told us the roads are smooth but it's early. christina will fill us in the there is more rain coming our way. 5:13. >> one thing is great there's fresh powder in the sierra this morning. the rain here could mean a foot or more of snow in squaw valley. skiers and snow boarders took advantage hitting the slopes for night skiing. ski resorts hope more snow will fall so they can see a good turn-out. >> trying to stay up. >> excited for it. nice to see it. >> we're going to get some over this weekend as well. so that's the great news. the rain showers coming down here and we need the moisture as well. it's going to show you real time doppler radar at this point,
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getting a little break. we have interesting cells to the east of san jose. enough to get your roads slick but for the most part we're dry over the greater bay area. throughout the day most of the activity will be over lake tahoe and probably through the south bay. for us usually we see most of the action over the north bay and north of the golden gate bridge. it's an opposite day. right now about 7,000 feet you can see getting quite a bit of moisture. good news for snowboarders. another opportunity wednesday into thursday, then another. we stop the clock at 9:00 a.m. you can see we'll be dealing with showers as you make your way to work during rush hour. give yourself plenty of time. by noon lingering activity. then we continue until 5:00 p.m. on the wet side so keep that in mind. probably better off you keep that umbrella by your side.
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you might not use it all day. i think we'll see enough. 56 in los gatos and valentine's day do not forget about it. tomorrow on the cool side. the good news is the rain will subside. mostly dry for all of you love birds out there. things don't change that much. another round of light rain wednesday into thursday, then a better round sunday into monday. let's check your drive with mike. >> folks, we'll take you back out to highway 4 where the westbound commute off the hill crest looking okay. but eastbound we're seeing this. 67, westbound, but that 40 here is eastbound through the construction zone from bailey's harb harbor. though we have construction we don't see this so a note if that is your direction for your drive. 580 out of the altamont pass, a
5:17 am
little slowing. smooth once you reach dublin and the interchange. we have chain advisories for many parts so keep those in your car. 680 smooth through sunol. 880, as you approach steven upon. the accident on the southbound side. watch both directions. i think there may be something north bound. we'll keep monitoring that for you. the moisture having come through, i see slowing southbound 17 showing up, you'll have that from time to time it's wise to watch the speeds. past the golden 8 toll plaza, the sheen on the roadway, throughout the north bay. we'll end with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming from the oakland side, smooth, and this area is scheduled to be closed this
5:18 am
weekend but we have a note for you coming up. for now back to you. >> thank you. overnight moves by greece will likely fuel trading on wall street. for details and the rest of the news before the bell we turn oat ver to jackie deangelis. good morning. >> good morning. the futures are pointing to a higher stock market open after the greek parliament passed an unpopular austerity package. the package passed by a vote of 199-74 despite opposition within the greek oft in the days leading up to the note. the european union is going to discuss a bailout package that greece needs in march. on friday the u.s. market had its worst close, to 12,801, and the daz dak to close at 2903 while the s&p 500 dropped 9 points to 1342.
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president obama is to submit his budget today. the budget is often ignored by conditioning. it includes the buffett rule with a tax rate of 30%. the digit outlines more than 350 in short-term job kroth and spending cuts on arm subsidies and defense. >> thank you. >> 5:19. a homecoming of sorts in san francisco. aids activists becaming the largest showing in more than a decade. sections of quilt will be on display. it's free to see but donations are always welcome. the quilt idea was born in san francisco 25 years ago, made up of 44,000 panels representing meem have died of aids. >> mike inouye mentioned this,
5:20 am
the planned closure of the bay bridge this weekend. it may have hit a snag. if there is rain it could be delayed. caltrans has not decided whether to officially delay the work. westbound lanes would close from 8:00 friday night to early sunday morning. eastbound lanes not affected by this. we'll keep you updated on the closure plans. >> 5:20. >> how a southern california got a company to pay their mortgage. >> if you're looking for love, think about a four-legged friend. the special -- look at this guy. >> not a lot of love between apple and samsung. coming up.
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>> good monday morning. that is a live look at the hp pavilion in san jose. the sharks have been on the road, they got hammered last night in st. louis, blanked 3-o. they will try to get it back together today in washington. it's 5:23. >> a little dogs hoping to find love this valentine's day. san francisco animal care and control will send a group of chihuahuas to new york stixt they will travel in style on valentine's day. much like a send-off last year. look at them. in burlingame the humane society has a surplus of pups. they are waiving fees for valentine's day. >> the dogs getting the v.i.p. treatment. first class.
5:24 am
nice. facebook and twitter helping southern california family pay for its home. scott and bev have placed advertisements out in the front of their home in the los angeles suburb of buena park for posting the pictures they get $2,000 a month. that's a good call. they told their neighbors it will only be up a month or so but they hope to for six months and keep the cash coming in. >> over the weekend the scandal around news corp. expanded. >> good morning. the news of the world was shut down after it was revealed that reporters tapped into voice mail. police arrested five senior news officials as the investigation expanded to the sun. this is a flagship newspaper for the company in england. news corp. also owns "the wall street journal" and fox news. there is expectation that the
5:25 am
sun, the popular newspaper, could also shut operations. >> an embarrassment to rupert murdoch. it's not the papers that make the big profits. his organization. so i think it's becoming ever more possible that this could happen, that if this continues we could see the end of "the sun" in this country. >> other news, apple and samsung will fight out the future of the galaxy nextus in a court. apple says the things that nextus can do like find phone numbers in e-mail those are ideas out of cupertino. apple wants to ban sales of the phone. apple is the 600 gorilla. samsung tried to get apple iphone sales ban ed in other countries. it's video from the grays that doesn't include adele. the grammys were tape delayed
5:26 am
meaning if they looked at twitter they knew everything that happened ahead of time. piers morgan, the cnn host, and former news of the world editor, tweeted so let me get this straight. the grammys are live in nigeria but not in l.a. where it's happening. this is a bigger problem as more and more people use smart phones to be on line all the time and find out things but yet you got this east coast, west coast going on. >> it's interesting hearing people watching it tell you when to watch. >> 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay," fighting for the right to use the bathroom. students taking a stand against a policy. >> showers on the radar for your back-to-work monday. we'll let you know how much we expect and whether or not they will continue into your valentine's day plans. >> and not a lot of love notes
5:27 am
for bay area traffic. 880 is looking all we cou have owin
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>> new this morning the fight over affirmative action and college admissions heads back to court in san francisco and uc-berkeley students are in it. i'll explain coming up. >> new this morning, keeping your kids safe. police will be out making sure drivers are following the rules in school zones. >> the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi changing her mind. now says she will testify in her husband's trial. >> reporter: finally it's starting to look and feel a little like winter here in the bay area. that story coming up. >> a live look outside, you can see it's wet out there at the golden gate bridge as well as many parts of the bay area. your full forecast. it's monday, february 13th, this is "today in the bay."
5:30 am
>> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:29 now. five seconds away from 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren and a busy day, a lot happening. we have rain. >> you know, in fact, all week long looking cool, cloudy and we've got a pretty good shot for showers not just today, wednesday into thursday and another round on the way this weekend. so lots to talk about in the weather department. we're getting a little bit of a break from the rain. i'll let you know when we expect to the ramp up again and of course we've got the seven-day outlook ready to go. let's see if the moisture and the wind is impacting your drive. >> note to drivers, watch those slick roads. lower the speeds and a live look will show us that san mateo bridge camera, there you go, good shake, there are gusty conditions around the bay.
5:31 am
chp has given a warning across the bay bridge but also to the san mateo bridge because of what we see on the screen there. the map shows you the southbound accident we had involving potentially a big rig blocking the left lane. we saw slowing as well. that cleared up. now to the right, slowing in both directions at the edge of sunol/fremont. >> sounds good. thank you. 5:31. another challenge to affirmative action. federal appeals court in san francisco will hear a lawsuit over the ban of considering race in college admission. christie smith is live where students will gather over prop 209. >> reporter: good morning. it's going to be a busy day here, up to nine tents at occupy cal and more students are coming at 8:00 this morning. they are going to gather before heading to the city for a rally where they want to see prop 209
5:32 am
thrown out. the students have floyers up around the plaza. the court is street hear a legal challenge on the ban of using race as a factor in admission to colleges. voters approved that ban in 1996, it has been challenged before but this time advocacy groups say that the court's recent decision and support from governor brown will help the cause. the complaint says that the ban violates the right to certain minority student who is graduate from high school in large numbers while their college admissions are much lower in comparison. what's also going on is the american civil rights institute is defending 209 saying uc applicants should be treated the same regardless of their race or gender. the court is expected to hear that on prop 209 at 9:00 this morning. jon and laura, back to you.
5:33 am
>> thank you. investigators back at a ranch this morning searching for more human remains. they found a number of bones, shoes and jewelry yesterday down a 35-foot well in the property in the town of linden. investigators think they could find the remains of nearly 20 people by the time they are done. they are working on a tip that death row inmate wesley shermantine dumped more than a dozen bodies in the hell. he and his partner loren herzog are connected to 20 murders. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife will testify at her husband's trial. "san francisco chronicle" reports that she will take the stand. she had repeatedly denounced the misdemeanor domestic violence charges and refused to talk to investigators. prosecutors say he bruised her arm during an argument. >> people in the south bay need
5:34 am
to be more cautious through school zones. looking out for drivers and bikers who disobey laws in school zones. this is video from last year's operation. officers will watch for common traffic violations including speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, and seat belt violations, also watching for students breaking the rules such as jay walking and riding a bike without a helmet. >> students at one school say they are fed up after being locked out of school bathrooms. they plan to protest the fact that there are just five toilets for girls and four if boys on the campus of 1400 students. the bathrooms are open during some breaks b students say that's not enough. >> some people go in the bathrooms and smoke weed or do
5:35 am
inappropriate stuff, but they keep the bathrooms locked and it's unfair for the people who have to use them. >> what do you do? >> me, i wait till after school and i can go to the bathroom. >> i can't focus in class if i need use the bathroom. horrible. >> the bathrooms are closed because of graffiti. we called school officials but haven't heard back. >> in case you haven't been out lately it's starting to feel like winder. commuters navigating to work. bob redell is live in san jose with a look at the road conditions. good morning. how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning. that unseasonal weather is gone. you can feel it here. it's a little chilly out. you can see it on the roadways behind me where there has been rain all night long.
5:36 am
we've got 280 and 680 above there on the over pass. the roads are wet, not raining right now but something you want to keep an eye out for. all the liquids, oils, fluid, that makes it slick. also your fellow drivers probably have forgotten how to drive, maybe aren't as smart as they should be be. from the weather perspective this should run throughout the day. we're not expecting a lon of rain, depending on where you live. and the wind can be 15 to 25. 35 on the coast, hillside, as much as 45 the higher you get and the snow levels are expected to drop. we'll start over tomorrow night. that's what our meteorologists are predicting.
5:37 am
bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. our meet ol zbis here nmeteorol here. >> he stole my thunder. wait till you get back to the station, buddy. hot cup of coffee waiting for you. make sure you have a good cup of coffee to make sure you are alert before you hit the slick highways. we have gusty winds as well. and they are going to catch you from time to time. we don't have a very strong sustained wind speed but potent gusts from time to time over open water bridges. >> we're drying out. moving on shore t bulk of the moisture is to our north. we'll see this slide to the south throughout the day today is no showers on and off, light in nature. 55 degrees instand by noon. pretty uniform with the full deck of clouds.
5:38 am
only climbing to 57 so keep that jacket handy. tomorrow we stay dry for valentine's day. 58 degrees, we'll get patchy fog early. sun and clouds early, then more rain moves in not just late tuesday into wednesday. we've got another round on the way for the weekend. more snow in the eair ra. kiel talk about that coming up. let's see how this is impacting your drive. >> just to watch those speeds even though the rain might not be that significant. you were talking about the oil on the roads, had a chance to build up. it could be slick in your commute direction. locally on the off ramps, looking here, still going on out bay. we have that big rig partly sticking out into the fast lane. that's enough to cause a bit of a distraction so. up to stevenson we see the 50s, that may be a building commute
5:39 am
as well as discracks. northbound into sunol has cleared. we may see because of the sensor readings for the rain. >> the live look shows you no problems. we see the lighter traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:39. the president will commit his budget proposal to congress. early details in a live report. >> the changes you may soon notice on one bay area bridge. >> why they let jeremy lin go in rsac hey guys, breakfast!
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♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> welcome back. a good monday morning to you. 5:41 now. today we're going to find out how much president obama wants to spend next year and how much red ink washington will incur to keep americans from paying more
5:42 am
taxes. i want to check in with tracie potts live in washington this morning with a preview of the president's budget. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so first of all let's talk about red ink, how much more we spend than we're taking in in this government. the white house says that the president's new budget will cut that down by 4 trillion over the next decade but not immediately. next year's budget would include $1.3 trillion deficit. it would be the fourth year in a row we've seen deficits over $1 trillion. the president wants to sped more in education and transportation. this morning he will announce a suggested $8 billion community career college fund, that colleges and business who is have jobs available in hot areas and train 2 million people to take those jobs. but that's going to cost money. how do you pay for this? the president's budget proposal
5:43 am
will include new taxes, 1.5 in new taxes. republicans don't like that. it's the same fight that we heard last fall and you will hear some of those same arguments again. they are looking at crafting a budget that has no new taxes but more spending cuts in areas like medicare. >> who is going to be hit with the new taxes? >> primarily folks who make over $250,000. the president wants to see the bush tax cuts go away for them, oil companies, big oil companies which lose tax breaks, banks would see new taxes and also the millionaire tax. you make over $1 million he includes that 30% minimum. >> tracie potts, thank you for the update. >> japan restarting two nuclear reactors. this after inspectors gave a passing mark on a set of stress tests. only three of japan's 54 reactors are operating right
5:44 am
now. authorities ordered all reactors shut down for testing to check their ability to withstand disasters like the tsunami. restarting the two reactors could take several months. >> salvage crews are pumping fuel from the capsized "costa concordia." the process was delayed for days. calmer seas yesterday allowed operations to resume. the operation aims to pump more than 2300 tons of fuel from that wreck. cleanup is expected to continue through the week. >> talk about cold freezing temperatures in atlanta. it produced a visual treat for those people brave enough to venture out. for the city not used to this temperature hit that it had over the weekend, so no one turned off the fountain. there were single digit temperatures in what they normally call hotlanta. when you add in the wind chill it froze up the fountain. forecasters say while the cold temperatures subsided there is rain on the way.
5:45 am
>> we'll see in our neck of the woods. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. we have a pretty good looking forecast for today. we've got the showers, we need that rain. it's going to purify our air quality. and we also as you probably already know, we are lacking in terms of our annual rainfall totals. we are very, very much so running a deficit. so we need moisture we can get. totals for today don't look that substantial. mostly less than .1 inch. even in the south bay we expect the most moisture to pass through. then we get another round of rain as we head through wednesday and then another one over the course of the weekend so. the pattern is substantially changing. make sure you're ready for that. keep that umbrella handy. right now, though, getting a break, a few showers starting to roll on shore in the city of san francisco. we take to you the north where the bulk of the moisture is still to the north of ft. bragg. this is going to slide to the south into the clear lake area.
5:46 am
maybe 7:45 then into the north bay at about 9:00. we'll continue futurecast, a few showers on the way between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. today, then the activity will start to wind down mostly concentrated in the south bay. we're going to have lingering showers throughout the day. even impacting the drive home. just keep that in mind. not all that warm. no more 70s of last week. 56 in almaden valley. 54 in san jose. 55 in oakland. about 58 degrees in santa rosa. tomorrow, oh, this is how it's going to work out for you. morning brunch, 48, midday, 57, then 53 degrees so basically the temperatures warrant a jacket all day long tomorrow but you won't need that umbrella so that's the good news. you don't have to worry about keeping the umbrella over your head. make sure your hair that you got did doesn't get ruined. mike, anything special for your hair tomorrow? >> i'm going to probably spike. oh, look, there it is. a preview.
5:47 am
looking to the south bay, with the nice flow of traffic the rain has drizzled and caused slick roadways. we'll watch for that. we're seeing blips here and there. wise to lower the speeds. let me get out of the way. i want to show you a shot in the south bay. there is 101. we froze. we have traffic past the area, san jose international airport. that's enough to show you all the headlights. that may be a reason for some of the slowing we see in both directions. good number of cars. we won't see major issues until around 6:30, 101 start to build. we still have an accident at 880 on the southbound side. no slowing in either direction but 680 still has that slowing out of sunol into fremont. no incidents there. we have your typical build for livermore, 17 minutes into central livermore and slowing
5:48 am
here, 580, we saw over the last few minutes, 680 off of the dublin interchange. i'll take you out to bay point. eastbound the construction has not cleared but we have the slowing that has cleared and westbound there is out of antioch, right on schedule. >> thanks, mike. all of the golden gate toll takers could be gone by the ebld of the year. the marin independent journal reporting all electronic system could be up and running by early 2013. commuters will pay tolls using fast track or through a system that will photograph license plates and then send out bills. the bridge district will save $16 million over the next decade. >> 5:48. gas prices continue to climb, national prices up 12 cents in the past three weeks going to keep rising. as things continue prices could sky rocket another 60 cents by late may. that would mean a national average of $3.95.
5:49 am
as we know we would be much higher. forkbally $4.85 in san francisco by memorial day. experts say the rising prices can be attributed to rising tensions in the middle east, reduced refinery capacity and the switch to summer grades of gasoline. >> it's a wild scene but fun with jeremy lin grabbing headlines. it was only a matter of time before somebody had to ask the warriors coach why lin was waived from his team. lin was a warrior until the first day of training camp when the team dropped him to put together an offer for a free agent. so when asked about with it, mark jackson said i never saw him do a lay up so people can stop asking me. he never practiced for me so leave me out. jackson was looking forward to watching lin compete for the backup point guard spot before he was actually dropped.
5:50 am
lin not just attracting media attention in new york but fans. he apparently helped drive shares of madison square garden, the company, that owns the new york knicks, to a record high. he's also become the nba's best selling new jersey. the 23-year-old scored 20 or more points in his first four starts. that is outstanding. he plays game number 5 tomorrow. seems like the ladies are loving it. >> he's doing great. coming up we're going to show you the winners at last night's grammy awards. >> the stirring tribute to whitney houston and the latest on the investigation into her death. >> looks like a good day ahead for wall street as the greeks . weokl loth ambe t menudeal. we'll look at the numbers. "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ i will always ♪ >> the music world is saying good-bye to a legend. whitney houston honored during last night's grammy awards. singer jennifer hudson. ll cool jay led the crowd in a prayer. houston's body found saturday in the bathtub at the beverly hills hotel. the the coroner has conducted an autopsy but has not yet the cause of death. >> there are reports she maybe was drowned or did she overdose but no, we won't make that final determination until all of the tests are in. >> so sad and tragic. houston's ex-husband bobby brown cut his tour short and returned to los angeles late last night. the couple's daughter was rushed
5:54 am
to the hospital yesterday for anxiety but she was later released. there was also a stirring moment at the awards that was not caught on camera. tony bennett received a grammy for best performance by a duo group with amy winehouse. he invited amy's parents to join him on stage. winehouse's father telling the crowd we shouldn't be here, our darling daughter should be here. he also mentioned the deaths of houston and etta james saying what can i say, there's a beautiful girl band up there in heaven. >> it is 5:54 now. bit e bittersweet but there was celebration. >> good for adele. she rolled in the grammys, won six clulding the top three, record, song and album of the year. that's tied beyonce for most grammys by a woman. other leaders, foo fighters who
5:55 am
won five, kanye west and lady antebellum. the band bon iver won best new artist and best alternative. and betty white won best spoken word album. >> going strong. what 90. >> raking them in. >> normally hey, not news worthy but when it comes to pillow fights in front of city hall that's another story. a flash mob gathered for good old fashion fun. a group announcing the pillow fight on twitter and facebook. about 100 showed up. the san jose group following in the foot steps of a san francisco tradition where an annual pillow fight has been held on valentine's day for the past seven years.
5:56 am
>> scott mcgrew says wall street is ready to get the weekend started with a bang as greece looks to clamp down on its budget. >> good morning. marla tellez showed us some of the rioting in greece. greeks may not like the deal but the rest of the world dutz. the greeks have a $14 billion or euro loan payment next month. they weren't going to get the loan unless they cut back on government spending and have. that makes wall street really happy. futures call for a big opening on the market. here is a strange one. police in one city in china confiscating ipads because after trademark claim by a small chinese company which says it had the name first. this according to local papers. seems to be a local problem but odd considering that china is home of the ipad. have you heard after way for people to share things they like. bloggers figured out they change
5:57 am
the link so that if people click on it and buy from an online store they get a cut of the money. what it's doing isn't illegal or necessarily unethical but is unusual. most people think when they share a link with a friend nobody is going to change that. obviously they have to make money somehow. they weren't real straight forward. >> interesting because it's taking off lately. i use it quite a bit. >> 5:57. still to come on "today in the bay," why a planned weekend closure of the bay bridge may have hit a snag. >> more showers on the way as we head through the midsection of this week and the upcoming weekend. a wet pattern has developed. we'll walk you through it, coming up. >> and no walking necessary. take the car through the caldecott. we have rain and also once you get to the bay bridge, more than that. more colors. same edge.
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